Banner age is the age at which a chevalier in Daggerfall is legally considered an adult and available for military service. While it is typically only several years after banner age that a chevalier can begin field service, they are nonetheless expected to attend banner drills - training with other chevaliers of their banner to promote unit cohesion and efficiency on the battlefield. Upon affirmation of banner age, some chevaliers - particularly second and third children in a family - leave their household altogether to begin their own, and seek independent service; most, however, remain to take up the hereditary duties of their house.

Typically, banner age is considered to be seventeen; however, variations might occur in unique cases.

Those scions of chevalier families who cannot, or will not, partake in active military service - whether due to financial constraints, disability, or simple choice - are expected to find their own walks of life some time before or around banner age. Popular alternatives include marriage, a career in one of the more prestigious royal guilds, or a place in the courts of the nobility.