Camille Leoriane is an 20 year old noblewoman from House Leoriane of Northpoint and is a close friend of Elissa Caron, Queen of Northpoint. Camille is an skilled warrior, and has given herself the title of "the Red Lioness" after some of the great heroes in her family's past.



Camille is a woman of 20, the youngest of the three Leoriane sisters of Riverton. Standing at 5'11", Camille is quite tall and has a frame that could best be described as a runner's body. In excellent shape, trained as if she was a sellsword in the harsh sands of the Alik'r, Camille has long, muscular legs and a flat belly, and carries herself in a way that immediately conveys confidence. Though a Breton by race, Camille has a tanner complexion than most of her peers in Northpoint - though, of course, not so tan as to ever be able to pass as a Redguard. Camille inherited her father's deep brown eyes and her mother's blonde hair, which she cuts to about shoulder length. All in all, Camille makes for an exotic-looking and pretty young woman, especially in the relatively insular Northpoint.

Camille most often clads herself in shades of red, proud of her heritage as a member of House Leoriane. She also owns a suit of red leather armor, though the way it's designed is clearly more for style than substance, as it is unnecessarily ornate (the pauldrons are molded into the heads of lions, and the suit has plenty of gold trimming) and revealing. Regardless, she wears the armor into tournaments and duels, making her a striking figure to behold when she fights.


Camille has been trained by her father, a Redguard sellsword, since she was old enough to hold a wooden sword, and is thus an accomplished swordswoman, particularly with the scimitars and daggers favored by her father. Her fighting style is taken from her father as well, focusing on mobility and flashiness rather than hardiness and strength. In recent years she has earned herself a reputation as a skilled warrior, if an overconfident one. She's worn three tournament melees in the past two years, an impressive feat for one as young as young as she is.