Caroline is the daughter of Queen Elysana of Wayrest, and third heir to the throne.
Krayoline Mk II
Caroline Septim


Princess of Wayrest








Caroline is a pretty woman. She bears resemblance to her mother, Queen Elysana, with soft blonde hair and lilac eyes, gentle lips and smooth skin. She is slightly shorter than the average woman and quite slim. She wears an assortment of expensive dresses fit for a Princess, always paired with elegant gloves of various materials.

Mental illnessEdit

Caroline Septim suffers from a severe paranoia that developed slowly, beginning in her youth as she transitioned into womanhood. She has grown to believe that she alone is the only Septim worthy of the crown. The Queen is far too old, and her brothers are imbeciles who would lead the land into ruin.

Caroline sometimes has her moments of clarity where she will briefly forget about all the terrible things she have thought and done to the people around her. What causes her to experience these moments of clarity is so far unknown to her, and she often forgets about these episodes or dismiss them as daydreams or hallucinations.

She has kept the illness a secret from everyone, and so to those around her she simply comes across as an anti-social lady.

Thanks to her neglected childhood she has developed a severe dislike of being touched, or any form of physical contact. She dismisses any handmaid assigned to her and chooses to tend to her beauty routine unassisted. She will always wear gloves if there is any chance of her having to interact with people.

One of the few people she willlingly socialises with is the Royal Physician's apprentice Corben Guile. For reasons unknown to anyone she believes he can be trusted, and so she often manipulates him into doing her bidding.


Caroline was never close with her family. Her two elder brothers would bully her constantly and Queen Elysana was always too busy for her. Most of her childhood years were spent alone under the care of an assortment of Governesses and teachers that groomed her for the life of a Princess.