Morgan is a 17 year old handmaiden to Kelmena Thagor.

Morgan Trienes




Breton (Daggerfallian)


The Kingdom of Daggerfall


Dame; Handmaiden to Queen Kelmena


  • Rana (sister)
  • Alder (brother)
  • Jotham (father)
  • Miriam (mother)



Appearance Edit

She stands at 5’7” with a slender build. Morgan has medium-length, wavy brown hair with grey eyes and a light complexion. She has a small noise and lips.  


An assortment of dresses. Some books, and a journal. 


As any typical Daggerfallian, duty and honour to the Hierarch and family come as first and most important values to Morgan. In addition, Hierarch, family and religion are places where Morgan finds grounding, a ‘sense of belonging’, if you will. Going deeper, she is forward-thinking and of balanced judgement. She tries her best to see the good in people – however, she won’t let that become as a way to justify people’s wrongdoings. Perhaps her tender age and inexperience add a layer of optimism, but Morgan also seeks in good in any situation possible. However, this isn’t to say she is idealistic in any sense, nor is she bubbly and chatty as far as the view of optimists go about. Simply put, she is happy.  Furthermore, she is in pursuit of understanding – of people, of the world around her. Guided by her firm values and core beliefs, Morgan (quietly, privately) imposes these views amongst her friends and those close to her. It distresses her to see any of these values breached, much to their unknowing. Reflective and empathetic, she is attracted to both factual and ideas. Deeply concerned with personal and spiritual growth, Morgan likes to see this happen in others and gently encourages others to do so.


If one can count sensitivity and understanding to other’s emotions, Morgan is discerning. Other skills include that the arts: painting, drawing and singing.


Born to a (somewhat insignificant) chevalier family in south Daggerfall, she is the youngest of three.  Her eldest sister, Rana became a chevalier in service to the Monarch, a profession Morgan likes to describe – quite darkly - as ‘strolling around the country and stabbing a few’. Second is her brother Alder, who found himself in the same situation. Coming to Morgan, her parents were unable to fund for her training, and as a result, was left out of the family business. However, Morgan is glad of it, almost. Out of luck, Morgan found herself going to the capital, and working for Kelmena Thagor as one of many handmaidens and is one of the most junior maidens.