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Elysana Septim


Queen of Wayrest and all her dependencies, Honourable Protector of the Worshipful Mercers, Warden of the Bjoulsae, Sovereign of the Rose





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The indefatigable ruler of Wayrest. Queen Elysana has fought tooth and nail for every part of her dominion, Ever since the events surrounding the Warp in the West, Elysana has led Wayrest into a new ascendency over the Iliac Bay. At every moment challenging Wayrest's ancient rivals Daggerfall, Elysana has led her Kingdom by sheer force of will into its current position of dominance. Infamously autocratic, cold hearted and by all accounts brilliant, Elysana has dragged Wayrest kicking and screaming into something of a cultural renassiance all in the name of one day bringing Wayrest's considerable might against the Kingdom of Daggerfall.</span>

Youth in WayrestEdit

The only child of King Eadwyre and Queen Carolyna of Wayrest, Elysana Septim was seen as little more than a little gossiping princess with a pretty face in her youth. It was only after her betrothal to Lord Woodborne and her subsequent involvement in the investigations into the haunting of King Lysandus in Daggerfall that Elysana showed herself to be quite the ruthless schemer. During the years leading up to the Warp in the West, Elysana truly entered court life. After the execution of her fiance Lord Woodborne, Elysana's attentions turned to her step-brother Prince Helseth, who had positioned himself as the favoured heir to King Eadwyre, despite not being of the Septim line, or even a Breton. Though many of the initial plots spawned by Elysana were childish and over-ambitious, she was able to erode much of Helseth's support in the court through blackmail and (invariably) assassination. However, Elysana played her hand too soon.

When, after the annexation of much of the Iliac coast in The Warp in the West, a decision was mooted as to who should take formal control of these rebellious new conquests, Prince Helseth assured through flattery and a princely bribe that Elysana was named the first Duchess of Alcaire, with administrative duties across the most unruly sections of the conquered lands. It was an honour Elysana was in no position to refuse, and, in 3E 419, Helseth succeeded in forcing Elysana out of the capital and into the fringes of the Kingdom. With his only rival for the Wayrestian throne out of the picture and his step-father King Eadwyre ailing, Helseth was able to turn the nobles of Wayrest one by one to his side. 
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