Erissa Fireblood is a female Altmer aged 16. She is currently apprenticed to the court-mage of Evermore.


Erissa's main distinguishing feature is a mane of fiery auburn hair, as such darker colours are uncommon for Altmer. Her gold-green eyes are almond shaped and framed with slim eyebrows and curved lashes. Her thin lips are often curved in a smile that leads adults to assume she is causing trouble.Overall she could be considered pretty/good-looking, but by no means a great beauty or anything like that.Standing at nearly two metres tall (about 6'5), Erissa has a medium build - not skinny, not muscled or thick either - and long, slender legs, making her seem frail, as if a gust of wind could snap her like a twig (although this is not the case). She is insecure about her appearance, particularly her small bosom.


.Erissa is an intelligent and curious Altmer girl. She is quite eager to learn. She has a mischievous streak, although is mature enough to know when to be serious. Friendly, good humored and playful, Erissa is usually pleasant and well behaved (when not putting mice in someone's shoes or filching a pastry from the kitchens). She is bisexual, and inexperienced when it comes to love and relationships.She is not exempt from her race's arrogance, but it is milder than in most Altmer. Has a short temper, and gets frustrated easily.


Obviously, Erissa has some talent with the arcane arts. She has a knack for Destruction fire magic and the school of Conjuration. She is also quite interested in alchemy and enchanting.Erissa has learned how to cook and sew, as well as some First Aid techniques. As the result of growing up with merchant parents, Erissa knows a bit about bargaining, but was never very interested in it. She has little combat training, but can use a knife.


Considering Erissa is still so young, there's not much to tell yet.

Erissa is the daughter of an Altmer merchant, whose husband has connections to the Mage's Guild, thus Erissa is a commoner.

She grew up in the city of Evermore, helping her parents with their store. She was always a mischievous and clever girl, and first started dabbling with magic for fun. But as she grew older, she found herself more and more interested in the arcane arts. This, and the aid of her father pulling some strings and collecting on an old favour or two, led to her being considered - and later accepted, as she showed aptitude and a willingness to learn - as an apprentice to Evermore's Court-Mage.

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