These are the factions operating within the realms of High Rock. In the case of the Knightly orders an The Order of "Blank" is synonymous with Knights of the "Blank".


The Wayrest-Evermore Alliance

The Free City of Nova Orisinium

The Kingdom of Daggerfall and Greater Betony, including the Arch-Duchy of Camlorn

The United Kingdom of the North (headed by the Kingdom of Northpoint and including the Grand Duchy of Shornhelm)

Arcane InstitutionsEdit

The Thaumaturgical Society for the Furthering of the Arcane Arts Wayrest, Evermore

His Majesty's Imperial Guild of Mages, Witches and Sorcerers Daggerfall, Camlorn, Northpoint, Shornhelm

The Arcane Assembly Shornhelm

Mercantile AssociationsEdit

Zenithar's Blessed Corporation of Mercers Wayrest

  • The Roycrofts
  • The Taults
  • The Longhopes
  • The Yvaleberts
  • The Veltroixs
  • The Errancourts
  • The Amblewoods

The Royal Guilds and Guilded Quarters of Daggerfall Daggerfall

The Darein Shipping Company & Affiliated Guilds Northpoint

Knightly OrdersEdit

The Illustrious Order of the Dragon, Daggerfall

The Knights of the Rose, Wayrest

The Knights of the Tempest, Northpoint

The Knights of the Hourglass, Evermore

The Order of Talos, Evermore

The Knights of the Wolf, Camlorn

The Order of the Mageknights, Shornhelm

The Knights of the Wraith, Wrothmark

The Knights of the Flame, Anticlere

The Knights of the Owl, Glenpoint

The Order of the Raven, Dwynnen

The Knights of the Crypt, Gwened

The Knights of the Eagle, Eagle`s Brook

The Knights of the Bear, Portdun

The Sacred Order of Trinimac's Hammers, Orsinium

The Knights of the Old GateThorkan

The Order of the Golden HoundShalgora