Name: Gabriel Loup

Gender: Male

Age: 44

Race: Breton

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good


One of the most noticeable features of the Loup house is a run of streaky white hair in the males.  Gabriel is no different: he has black hair with white streaks going from his temples to the back of his neck.  He keeps his hair rather unkempt: it curls and is rather a mess when not dealt with.  He has dark blue eyes that compliment the white streaks in his hair that are bright and puzzling.  His brows are the same color as the dark hair he has.  He has a small, sharp nose and a full mouth.  He can grow a scraggly beard but other than that he can grow no mustache, sideburns, nor goatee.  His ears are round and have a hint of a point at the very tip.  His complexion is rather well for an aged man.  Although the shadow of wrinkles has begun to set in, deep wrinkles have not yet appeared.  His skin is rather pale.

He stands at about 5’9. He is not a skinny man but by no means fat. He has muscle from training with the sword and bow, but he has aged and is not as strong and quick as he once was. He has a scar on his left bicep from a fight, making his left arm much weaker than his right. He has trouble holding up a shield and keeping a bow straight these days.


Lord Gabriel Loup trained with a sword as a child by the Master-at-Arms of Wrothmark. He also trained with the bow, but is not as proficient as he is with a sword. He is very skillful with a sword in hand. He is not one of the best in the country, but he is feared as a skilled swordsman. He is capable of riding horseback, but cannot fight from it. He has no skill in stealth or magic.


Gabriel has a full set of plate armor if he ever needs to ride into battle. He also has a steel broadsword with a decorative hilt.


Gabriel was born into lordship of house Loup along with three younger siblings. As the oldest male, he was next in line for the seat of Wrothmark. He was brought up well by his father, Gregory Loup, taught to be honorable and lawful. He was tutored in history, craftsmanship, horsemanship, and swordsmanship. He was proficient really with a sword as he grew up, but was also noted for his compassion.

Other Notable People

Xavier, Bartello, Intrino: Sons of Gabriel, in order of age

Trinivere, Marie: Daughters of Gabriel, in order of age

Emilie: Deceased wife.

Leonardo Escopae: Trusted Advisor/Friend

Quintus Poton: Head of Guard/Bodyguard/Trusted Advisor/Friend