Gaston is a Bretic Prince of Wayrest durring the events of Of Prince and Powers. He is the thirty three year old son of Queen Elysana, and second heir to the throne.


Standing at a commanding six feet tall, with a lean, wiry build, Gaston sports the build of a trained warrior. He has inherited his father’s dark brown hair, which is cropped close to his skull, and he has obtained his mother’s cold, blue eyes.


Trained from a young age in the art of political diplomacy and stewardship, Gaston has a decent grasp of politics, manipulation, and worldly knowledge. But where he had truly excelled was the realm of combat. Learning swordplay under the diligent eye of Wayrest’s marshall, Gaston found his passion, and when the Bretic Prince had reached his twenties, he was proficient with longswords, sabers, broadswords, and rapiers, fighting haphazardly with rash anger. Assuming position as the marshall’s assistant and [ceremonial] champion of Wayrest, Gaston has fought many small battles, both inside of court and out, though he surely is not the best fighting in Kingdom. Indeed, he is overconfident of his abilities, stature, and renown, often seceding into pure arrogance. Outside of these talents, Gaston has a quick and charming tongue, often inviting and tricking many women (anyone from serving girls to nobles) into bed with him.


Gaston often enters combat with a suit of chainmail and steel armor, with an elegant soft leather chestpiece with the Septim coat of arms emblazoned on its chest. Outside of dangerous combat, Gaston has a massive wardrobe of fashionable clothing. The Bretic Prince has a large array of blades, but his favorite is an articulate silver longsword, fashioned many years ago for his father.


Born the second son of Queen Elysana of Wayrest, Gaston lived a life of luxury in the wake of his highly successful brother, and was largely overlooked by his mother, which he didn’t mind. Gaston found that he could get away with many scandals, most involving women, alcohol, gambling, and the occasional duel.

Gaston quickly grew into a hedonistic lay-about, doing what he wanted, when he wanted, and with little instruction/discipline from his mother, this attitude flourished into a life-style. This causes him to be rather arrogant, often believing that he does not need as much training as regular troops, and [unjustly] titling himself the champion of Wayrest, whose duties include assisting the Counts, Barons, and Dukes of the kingdom with any military based problems they may be facing, whether it be a band of escaped convicts, a group of poachers, or even a gang of robbers. Gaston enjoys this job, and is content staying at home preforming these petty duties instead of being granted land to rule. Because of this, Elysana refuses to grant him any important responsibilities within the kingdom, letting him rot away in his bedchambers with his wenches.