A grove of Kynereth is a sacred parcel of woodland devoted to the Goddess Kynereth - the Daggerfallian deity of hierarchy, authority and healing, and the patron of knights and chevaliers. As she is considered the divine protector of Daggerfall, her groves are plentiful throughout the Daggerfallian West, and might be found in many of the kingdom's old woods and forests.

Not bound to any particular shape or size, the sacred groves tend to adapt largely to local topography. Runestones mark their boundaries, oftentimes etched with ancient enchantings to ward away illness and undeath. Invariably, at the centre of the grove shall be an oaktree, and they can vary from large to truly towering - roots sprawling across the whole of the grove and leaving no doubt that the tree, too, was at some point imbued with magic.

Most of these sacred oaktrees will have a little niche carved into them, where a rusted shield and sword are to rest at all times. These are symbolic offerings to the Goddess Kynereth, a 'change of arms'; legend holds she once favoured glades much like these for rest between her countless battles, and according to folklore, her voice might still be heard in the winds that sing between the branches there. Whatever the truth of the matter, direct communion with Kynereth in one of her groves remains a popular motif of Daggerfallian myth and legend.

It is almost certainly due to this personal connection to the Goddess that many of these groves still serve as the burial sites of Daggerfall's nobility, sacred oaktrees ringed with buried urns of the cremated dead. According to one of the western chants, there comes a time in every year when Kynereth steps through all her groves - and sometimes, she may speak to the souls that rest there, and even take those found worthy into her celestial retinue; more commonly, it is simply presumed that the ancestor spirits guard their grove from fell influences, and are in turn watched over by the Goddess.