Haywood Harper is a 35 year old Breton, and informant to Dunistair Berarde. 


With an average build and average height, Haywood doesn’t look like much. He has short, sandy-blonde hair, maintains a heavy stubble, and has brown eyes. 


What’s a simple man got to do with fancy clothes? He wears anything that has practical quality, which in essence, is just a shirt, breeches, coat and boots. This Breton certainly isn’t your most presentable man. Haywood likes to argue that it’s the look he’s aiming for – to look unassuming, but much to the belittlement of his friends (who are really, just pulling his leg), there is a line (that ain’t so fine) between ‘unassuming’ and ‘the sort of guy that will rob you clean, then use the gold to pay for prostitutes’. 


As a simple man, Haywood doesn’t like to over-complicate things. He is quietly observant, and waits for events to roll out before bursting into action. Haywood doesn’t like to act in anticipation, and sees that as poor work. Regarding work, he is the sort of man that seeks to understand situations first, then people. He likes reports to be quick, snappy and to the point. This bleeds into his manner of speaking, and he can be seen as short and straight with others – though this isn’t to say he is any way rude. Moreover, Haywood dislikes flowery language and those that beat around the bush, especially people who wrap up snide comments and insults in superficial layer of niceness. 


Observant, a good actor, and a fighter. Haywood prefers the grittiness, simplicity and brutality of a fist-fight. He can keep calm in stressful conditions. 


The son of a courtier, Haywood grew up in a world of politics – and he was no fan of it. Haywood didn’t wish to be directly involved with politics, but be able to use his skills in such a way that was useful. Not wishing to disappoint his father, Haywood swore service to Odistair Berarde as an informant and later Dunistair shortly after his death. He married at 20, to a childhood sweetheart with whom he has two children, aged 14 and 12.