The Berarde family crest. Pean, on a fess argent a pose weasel cendrée.

House Berarde is a noble family in High Rock. The family originates in the Reach, but now rules Markwasten as a vassal of Wayrest.


At present, the only hereditary title in House Berarde is Earl of Markwasten.


Pean, on a fess argent a pose weasel cendrée

The crest of House Berarde features as its charge a black stoat or weasel - derived from Weasel Crag, the Reach domain of Taioseach Berad and his son, Berdych Berarde. By way of a helm, it bears a golden tower, representative of Markwasten (noted for its three towers), and adopted from the family crest of House Harolsey, the Mark's oldest noble family.


The motto of House Berarde is "Ever Mindful". It was bestowed upon the family's founder, Sir Berdych Berarde, by the King of Farrun. Initially, it was meant as a warning to Berdych - a Reachman chieftain who had defected to Farrun's side - to be mindful of his (low) position, and not to bite the hand that had fed him.

Living MembersEdit

Dunistair Berarde, the Earl of Markwasten

Irienya Berarde, his wife. The Countess of Markwasten

Elys Berarde, their only son. The Prince of Markwasten


House Berarde began with Berdych, son of Berad, Taioseach of Weasel Crag. After his father was slain in battle by the armies of the Kingdom of Farrun, Berdych pragmatically surrendered his clan to the enemy. In exchange for turning on their erstwhile allies, the Clan of Weasel Crag was allowed to remain in its traditional homeland and Berdych was elevated to knighthood. He took the name "Berarde", a Breticisation of his father's name, and adopted the weasel as his crest. The King of Farrun bestowed upon him the motto "Ever Mindful" and retained Berdych and in turn his son Cadrig as sworn knights.

After these first two generations, the family made a decisive move to Wayrest, where they served in a handful of minor positions and married a succession of younger daughters of notable families, including the Goldwines of Kvatch and the Aguiles of Galomont.

Most notably, however, the family established something of a tradition of interbreeding with the Harolseys of the Mark, with Sir Cadrig, Sir Ordwyn, and several younger siblings marrying Harolsey sons and daughters.

For his distinguished services to Queen Elysana of Wayrest, Sir Odistair Berarde was created Earl of Markwasten in 4E 18, a title he passed to his son, Dunistair.

Earl Dunistair Berarde introduced elven blood to the mainstream Berarde line for the first time by marrying Irienya Camoran, a Bosmeri princess from Arenthia, in 4E 21.

Family TreeEdit

This family tree shows only the eldest male heirs of House Berarde, their wives, and their fathers-in-law for political context.


Berarde Family Tree (Click to enlarge)