Crest of House Delacroix

"By Honor and Faith" - House Motto


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- Count Reynard Gael Delacroix (Head of House, Count of Alcaire) 

- Joshpine Marie Delacroix (Wife of Jacque, former Countess)

- Mila Alysia Delacroix (Oldest daughter of Jacque)

- Bela Deja Dealcroix (Middle Daughter of Jacque)

- Ali Cheri Delacroix (Youngest daughter of Jacque) 

- Alysia Lufmillda Delacroix (Mother of Reynard and Jacque, wife of Garvik, former Countess)

- Garvik Franz-Guetz Dealcroix (Former Count) Deceased 

- Jacque Andre Delacroix (Former Count, brother of Reynard) Deceased 

Relations with other HousesEdit

- Currently locked in an uneasy peace treaty with House Mortierre, this peace treaty was brought forth by Count Jacque and agreed upon by Barnabas Alix Mortierre; but since both of their deaths tensions have increased.