Lorraine Septim is the 14 year old daughter to Geruld and Eleanor Septim, and the twin to Thibault Septim.


Shorter than her brother by an inch, Lorraine stands at 5’6”. Though she’s inherited her father’s jet-black hair, which reaches past her shoulders and is kept loose, it is her mother that she bears strong resemblance to. Lorraine has grey-green eyes, high-cheekbones and a small nose. 


A leather-bound notebook, filled with scribbles and doodles. Her wardrobe and clothes of wear are sensible.

Skills Edit

Lorraine has had some training in hunting and fencing and knows (enough) alchemy to be able to identify plants. 


Born the second twin of Geruld and Eleanor Septim, Lorraine has grown up with Thibault on Hjalti Island. She is closer with her mother than her father. Lorraine has taken recently taken in an interest of alchemy at 13, preferring it to her studies with her tutor. Like her brother, she has spent her times committing to hobbies (also adventuring). Lorraine has on many occasions attempted to sneak out of the castle, and on each occasion, has failed. (She’ll continue trying.)

Character SummaryEdit

Lorraine is an inquisitive girl, and has a curiousness that pushes her desire to discover new ideas. This fuels her interest into the ‘study’ of alchemy (which, at the given moment, is more a hobby than academic study). Apart from this, Lorraine enjoys fencing, hunting or swimming – or anything that would bring her into the outdoors. Thibault likes to describe her hobbies as: running around in the fields picking flowers and killing animals (on the way back). Lorraine enjoys learning, more so if there is a practical application to it. Whenever she hits a 'wall' in her studies, Lorraine is known to fiddle with things, much to the annoyance of her tutors. Although she has a love of learning, Lorraine also likes to (waste) her time with her friends. Easy-going, she prefers to avoid (emotional) conflict and will do well to get out of the way.

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