Title: Court Mage of Evermore

Age: 42

Race: Breton

Gender: Male


Malduin comes across as quite a willowy fellow, though he shows signs of a once physically fit person. He is often seen wearing expensive-looking garments. He favours his luxuriously green robes when dealing with the affairs of the courts. His has shoulder-length chestnut hair, with a small braid tied from behind his ears linking together. His eyes are a compliment of blue and grey tones.


He considers himself to have almost mastered the arts of both Illusion and Restoration magicks. He’s devoted almost the entirety of his career in the learning of these skills, though his offered passing interest into both Conjuration and Destruction. These skillsets are only to a base-level, when his primary arts are rivalled by mages and wizards of high renown throughout the lands.


He only wears robes, having never deemed it a requirement to be in such a place where he’d need any sort of armour. Nor does he carry any generalised weapons apart from his staff. He carries an old oak staff, atop it lays a Soul gem carved in the form of a dragon-fly. The staff belonged to his deceased master, Eldarion, An Altmer who apprenticed Malduin and took him under his wing.

Background: Edit

He’s shared little of his stories from his travelling career, though from whats known about him it’s clear he’s put all of his adult life, and the majority of his adolescent one, into the magick arts. He spent his youth as an apprentice for his towns local wizard, Eldarion, whose staff he now carries as his own. Malduin thought of his old Altmer as a secondary father figure.

After many years travelling together, Eldarion had reached an age where he felt himself unable to continue the life of what he referred to as a “Questing Wizard” and sought after a career serving at a court and dealing with such associated magical issues of that realm. However he disappeared one night, leaving only a note by Malduins room which claimed he’d been called back to his homeland. The writing on this parchment was not the usual quality of handwriting, showing signs of rush and panic. Malduin never found out as to why his old master had vanished, but came across his old staff amongst a passing caravan’s stock.

Having bartered for the staff, Malduin set off to find answers to the mystery of Eldarion, though he never succeeded. As he reached the ripe old age of 40 he too felt it was time for him to cut down on the adventuring and took up position as Court Mage for the kingdom of Evermore.