The cast of the Shattered Empire Series roleplay Of Princes and Power.

If you're a returning OPaP roleplayer and do not see your character, do not fret - while they may have been removed from this list, their character sheet is still on this wiki. Returning them to their rightful station should be as simple as searching up the relevant page and linking it below.

Kingdom of DaggerfallEdit

  • Alielle Pierrel - the Mademoiselle Court-Witch - Person from Anticlere
  • Alistair Kirth - Pledged Chevalier and Banner-Holder of Tewkesbury - Tom
  • Ansley Byford - Bailiff of Daggerfall - Schmuty Buncis
  • Belinda Cavendy - Chief Historian of the Vault of Ledgers of Daggerfall - lebiro
  • Camaron Thagor - His Majesty the Steward, King of Daggerfall - Person from Anticlere
  • Charles Valterayn - Duke of Shalgora - Magus the Red
  • Edwyn Deneryck - Duke of Daenia - Lady Syl
  • Emeline Penlan - Pledged Chevalier and Queenguard - Person from Anticlere
  • Evelyn Fairclough - Physician's apprentice - Schmuty Buncis
  • Kathel Bridwell - Heiress to the March of Tamwych - Person from Anticlere
  • Kelmena Thagor - Her Majesty the Steward, Queen of Daggerfall - Person from Anticlere
  • Loic Pierrel - Prince of Pysant - lebiro
  • Morgan Trienes  - Handmaiden to Queen Kelmena Thagor - Schmuty Buncis
  • Samuel Bridwell - Magister of the Order of the Dragon - Person from Anticlere
  • Saria Illisan - Baroness of the Illesian Hills, "The Maiden of the West" - Broken-Scale

Archduchy of CamlornEdit

Kingdom of WayrestEdit

Kingdom of EvermoreEdit

  • Daren Hallard - Baron of Portdun - lebiro
  • Erissa Fireblood - Apprentice to the Court-Mage of Evermore - El Barto 227
  • Raurich Cantone - Chamberlain of Evermore - Vincent McCool
  • Randull Poiron - Court Wizard of Evermore - lebiro
  • Philomena Culotte - Court Priestess of Evermore - Vincent McCool
  • Sir Iain of Ashwin - Sworn Knight of Evermore - Vincent McCool
  • Sir Rickard Moren - Former Knight of Portdun - Asapp
  • Syllawen Direnni - Queen of Evermore - Vincent McCool
  • Waldemarr Fosdike - Royal Fool of Evermore - Schmuty Buncis
  • Warwick Lazare - Duke of Gauvadon - ThoseTolerableNoobs

Kingdom of NorthpointEdit

Grand Duchy of ShornhelmEdit

Nova OrsiniumEdit

The LandlessEdit

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