The Roving Chevaliers are a collection of petty aristocratic houses and clans residing along the ancient border between Glenpoint and Daggerfall. Infamously disloyal and unwieldy, the rovers pay only the barest lip service to any feudal lords or masters. Though the overwhelming majority of rover clans reside in Glenpoint's baronial lands, most claim both Daggerfallian and Glenpointer descent - often at the same time, many rovers describing themselves as "Glennish when forced, Daggerfall's at will, and rover by grace of blood."

It is impossible to ascertain the exact origins of the roving chevaliers; few rover clans keep records of any age, and what sources do exist reach only to the early Third Era, when the rovers were already a well-established problem in Glenpoint's baronial registers. A popular theory links the rovers to Daggerfallian houses that settled in the area during the mid-First Era, and were later subjugated by the rulers of Glenpoint - and, indeed, several observers have noted a certain resemblance between rover mannerisms and Daggerfallian culture. Many rover clans maintain their own sword-cults, and rover law is undeniably - if only loosely - reminiscent of a heavily militarized permutation of Daggerfall's own Crown law.

Well known for their daring raids and near-constant banditry, the rovers of the border glens depend far more on loot and the spoils of battle than on the wealth of their land; and so, many live in a permanent state of war. The typical rover household is a miniature fortress - crude towers of stone, short and stocky, built first to withstand a small siege and only then for the comforts of living. Before the War of Tulunese Succession and the subjugation of Glenpoint, many Glenpointer barons and baronesses would make periodic raids into the rover glens to keep the local clans in line; as such, many rovers remain accustomed to living in constant readiness to this day, ever ready to abandon their homes and flee to their hidden safe-places until the enemy passes.

Today, with Daggerfall established as the sole ruler of the West, and with the old border between the kingdom and Glenpoint slowly eroding, the future of the rover clans and their way of life looks uncertain at best. As a modicum of peace and stability finally settles over the region, many rovers find themselves robbed of the easy spoils that have been their livelihood for centuries; already, some of the border clans have pledged fealty to various Daggerfallian houses, and more seem set to follow.