The Royal Pledge is a chevalier oath of fealty as sworn directly to the Twin Thrones of Daggerfall. Commonly referred to simply as 'the Pledge', it is considered the highest honour that any Daggerfallian chevalier can aspire to - short of being initiated into the Order of the Dragon.

Placing them in the direct service of the Crown and typically reserved only for the most able or ancient of chevalier bloodlines, the Pledge accords a chevalier several honours and privileges unique to their rank. They are to be the vanguard of any army led personally by the monarchs, and take the same lead position of honour in any royal inspection or triumphal procession. Peculiarly, their blood is also to supersede that of any other noble in the kingdom; if an Archduke were ever to marry a Pledged chevalier, he would be obliged by royal law to take his wife's surname.

The Pledge should not be confused with a royal oath, which is the aristocratic equivalent.