It is the year 4E 8, and fabled privateer and amateur poet Count Lysander Porphyry Spiros IV is about to set sail from the smouldering wreck of the Imperial City, and embark on a daring voyage down the Niben with his crew (old faces and new) of eccentric and/or brilliant sailors and voidstriders. His destination? The Summerset Isle! As the Empire of Man has collapsed around itself, there has been no word from the land of the Altmer since the outbreak of bloody civil war, but Captain Spiros has received a unique plea for help from a very (very) noble woman in dire need of rescue.
For this, perhaps Captain Spiros' most daring mission yet, he has assembled a crack crew of specialists, some familiar crewmen from some of his previous (and infamous) exploits, along with some new recruits. Their vessel will be Spiros' beloved ship, The Saint Alessia, recently reacquired from the Waterfront District's impound. The unique St Alessia is not your average corvette; rumours say the ship is both enchanted and cursed, and has the ability to pierce through the outer membrane of reality and sail "short-cuts" across the dreaded Waters of Oblivion itself. But those are just stories, of course.
This is an adventure RP on the high seas. The setting is the St Alessia, a very special sailing ship on a rescue mission that will take it across the many seas of Tamriel. I'll be GMing this one, and playing the ship's Captain and owner, Count Lysander Porphyry Spiros IV.

Book I: The Niben RunEdit

The Imperial City burns as the St. Alessia prepares to sail.