The Sword-Cults of Daggerfall are a myriad associated chivalric house-cults, mysteries and familial worships practiced by the Chevaliers of Daggerfall. Though most are devoted to the Goddess Kynereth - patron and divine protector of knights and chevaliers, - and to various sainted clanmothers and clanfathers, the exact details differ from region to region and from house to house. Each chevalier family in Daggerfall retains its own forms and practices - no matter how slight the distinctions.

Whatever their differences, however, all these countless cults and worships remain united by a shared fixation upon the chevalier's sword as a physical manifestation of faith and devotion. A sword is a sacred posession - both weapon and badge of honour, and in this guarded jealously by Daggerfallian law; for a commoner to carry a chevalier's sword is to risk two fingers off their left hand.

Chivalric blades are set apart from more common tools of war primarily by the distinctive strips of cloth (preferably silk, though more plebeian materials are often used) tied to their pommels. These stripes will be inscribed with prayers and devotions, to Kynereth and to house-spirits alike, and they are believed to bring safety and fortune in war to the sword-bearer. Usually, they are coloured after the main tint of the chevalier's sovereign's heraldric design - but not always, and even pledged chevaliers are not uniform in their colours, displaying variously black or the royal dark green.

It is worth noting that chevaliers who go on to serve elsewhere in the hierarchy do not always abandon the sword-cults of their house, even when they do not carry their swords with them. It is not uncommon to see chevalier scribes, lawyers and servants wearing their prayer-bands as collars, or tied to their wrists or belts. Such traditions can stay in a family for generations - long after they have been stripped of their titles owing to failure to provide military service.