'The Old Faces' is the name given to one of the wonders of Daggerfall (and so by extension High Rock), and one of the province's greatest enigmas. Located in the ancient Tower of Raven of Castle Daggerfall, the Old Faces are widely known among various scholars and wizards - both in the land of the Bretons, and to a lesser extent, Tamriel at wide.

Reputed to have been crafted and enchanted by the ancient founder of Daggerfall, the famed sorceress Raven Direnni, the Old Faces are three stone faces carved into the walls of what is now the throne room. One may be found on each side of the Dragon Thrones, with the last - and largest - behind it. Their craftsmanship is uncharacteristic of both early Bretic and ancient Direnni art, making some suspect a different origin or a specific function that the enchantress had originally envisioned; a function hidden within her outstanding mind, and ultimately lost with her death. Broad, bulky and rather crude, the shapes of the faces are more reminiscent of the Nords of Skyrim rather than any indigenous inhabitants of High Rock.

What makes them extraordinary is not, however, their unusual make; it is the fact that they have been enchanted - by Raven herself, as the story goes - to speak like living men. Their mumbles can be heard even today, echoing through the court of Daggerfall, but they are not in any tongue recognizable to modern men, mer or beasts. With monikers varying from "a lost dialect" to "senseless gibberish", a wealth of theories have been raised over the purpose and meaning behind their voices; however, despite the efforts of eminent linguists, enchanters and sorcerers alike, no evidence has been found to support any of the many, many versions available.

Despite an overwhelming lack of evidence, two theories have managed to find significant purchase among the minds at work. One claims that the Old Faces are an expression of the consciousness of the entire Tower of Raven - presumed by some to be a living entity in its own right. The other maintains that the Old Faces have last spoken the tongue of mortals when Raven Direnni herself ruled over Daggerfall, and will do so once more should a Direnni ever come sit upon the throne again.