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The is the official database for "The Shattered Empire" series of roleplays. The SES is a group of roleplays and roleplayers dedicated to creating an alternate timeline that runs parallel with the canon created for "The Elder Scrolls" by Bethesda Game Studios. In the SES, all lore created by Bethesda Game Studios after the Oblivion Crisis has been disregarded. Instead of following the same path as the in-game canon, the SES is dedicated to creating its own path, as well as its own lore - essentially a "what if" scenario, exploring a possible Fouth Era Tamriel with no empire.

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The Shattered Empire Series Timeline

The Shattered Empire Series Roleplays

Of Princes and Power: Plot Synopsis

Of Princes and Power: Characters

Spiros and the Mananauts: Characters

Imperial Battlemage Academia: Characters

The Realms of High Rock

The Factions of High Rock

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