Thibault Septim is the 14 year old son of Geruld Septim and heir to the throne and Duke of Alcaire. 

Appearance Edit

Standing at 5’7”, he would be considered tall for his age. Fresh-faced, Thibault strongly resembles his father as a teenager, inheriting his jet-black hair kept at a medium-length, low cheekbones wide chin, and light complexion. He has obtained his mother’s grey-green eyes. 


Thibault keeps a selection of stylish clothing, usually of soft, deep colours. He owns a single short-sword, though he doesn’t often have this with him. 


Swordplay and wrestling, though there is still much to learn.


Thibault is the son of Geruld Septim, crown prince and Duke of Alcaire and Eleanor Renn. Although he has a fraternal twin , Thibault is heir to the Wayrest throne. When he is not being groomed and tutored for his future role, he spends his free-time committing to hobbies, more often than not with his sister. Between the adventures with his friends and sister, Thibault tries to please his father and mother to prove to them that he can be an effective ruler by paying attention to courtly business, and privately, giving his own opinion.

Currently, he lives (and has grown up on) an islet off the coast of Alcaire. On it stands Alcaire’s most ancient castle, which was rebuilt by Elysana during her time as Duchess, and a small town. 

Character Summary Edit

He displays a keen interest in fencing, often competing against Lorraine. Outside of this, his hobbies include falconry, wrestling, and reading. He is happiest in the company of others, more so when committing to his hobbies. Adventurous, this trait goes hand in hand with Lorraine’s inquisitive nature. He has a confidence that is easily built up – and easily torn down.

Under the strict upbringing of his father, Thibault has always striven to please him, and to an extent, be able to possess the same toughness. His youth and inexperience makes him somewhat indecisive when it comes to courtly matter, leading him to look to others. While he has the desire to make the best and right decisions, he is also something of a people-pleaser, and when these two conflict, this can hinder him from taking proper action – and, at times, be brash. While he is consulting of others (sometimes, too much), he genuinely cares about what others have to say, perhaps latching onto the idea that it may be important.

Outside of courtly business, he displays a much more distinct confidence. Thibault possesses a carelessness, a cheekiness – more so around peers – and an optimism that roll into naivety. Typically, his conversations with Lorraine fall into banter.