Xarith Aren is the starboard battlemage aboard the Saint Alessia.

Appearance Edit

He is heavily cloaked in red-and-black, especially around the face, but if you look closely you notice that his skin is a dark grey. He is unusually tall for a Dunmer, standing at seven foot four.


To put it mildly, he is very strange. Often he talks to various inaminate objects near him, thinking that they are talking back, and that they have feelings and ambitions (which has happened almost all his life). He also is reclusive, staying away and ignoring most of the crew at the best of times. He only listens to the captain, whom he has some kind of respect for, though the reason is unknown.

Strengths and Major FlawsEdit

Strengths: He notices what other fail to see. He is also an excellent shot and can commune with Daedra better than most, and his skills in magic are fairly good as well.

Major flaws: If you could call it a flaw, his habit of conversing with inaminate objects is his second-greatest. He mostly cannot trust much of anyone, except for the captain, and he reacts in a hostile manner to most of the crew, especially that pompous navigator. He seems to be illiterate, reading and speaking very little Tamrielic, though he seems to be able to read Daedric runes more fluently than anyone else on board.


Good accuracy, he knows some Destruction magic, but where he really shines is with his crossbow; you'd be lucky to be hit in the shoulder, for that would not be where he was aiming. Seems to communicate well with Daedra for some odd reason, presumably because his skill in conjuration is unparalleled. He is fairly good at climbing the various ropes of the ship. 


Carries a crossbow; looks Daedric in origin. Also has an embroidered dagger hidden deep with the fold of his cloak. Along with the clothes on his back, he also has a Welkynd Stone, whom he seems to believe to be sentient. He carries no gold.